MultiPro 5800


From the market leader in turf sprayers, the new Toro Multi Pro® 5800 combines customer input with the most advanced sprayer technology and innovation. The result is the best performing turf sprayer on the market. Virtually every aspect of the spray system has been optimized for performance accuracy. We have engineered in aggressive agitation and faster response times to consistently and accurately apply desired spray rates. Extensive testing and reliable components ensure the Multi Pro® 5800 is ready to perform when you need it most. Highly productive work attachments and accessories save time and money by simplifying the mixing and spraying processes, and saving on labor and chemical costs.


  • 35.5 hp (26.5 kW) Kubota 1.498 L diesel engine
  • Pro Control XP software automatically and instantaneously calibrates fl ow
  • Ground speed: Forward,0-16.1 km/h, reverse, 0-6.4 km/h
  • Agitator: four 30-degree, side-mounted agitator nozzles
  • 38 litre fuel tank
  • Spray pump: 6-diaphragm adjustable hydraulic drive; 46 gpm (151 lpm), 220 psi (1500 kpa) maximums
  • Weight: 1225 kg (without fuel)
  • Length: 450cm (with booms raised)
  • Width: 190 cm (with booms raised)
  • Height: 239 cm (with booms raised)

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