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Tips to Getting a Quality Cut Lawn

Thanks to Mower Minutes - some tips for you at home giving you an amazing lawn!

10 steps to a beautiful lawn

1. Choose the best grass for you.

It’s important to know what your expectations are for your lawn. Typical Kiwi, good quality or premium? How much wear and tear will it need to endure? How much time do you want to spend maintaining it? How shady or exposed is it? Talk to your Garden Centre to select the right seed mix or blend for you.

What is Personal Pace® Self Propel?

Toro’s patented Personal Pace system puts you in control by sensing and smoothly adjusting to your preferred walking pace.
Light pressure on the handle propels the mower to the exact speed that you want to go...

How do I get my mower ready for summer?

Spring is here! Before you know it, the telling aromas of summertime will be wafting through the air... sausages sizzling on the BBQ, salty sea breezes and freshly cut grass.

Am I using the right gas for my mower?

Content to coA lot of garden care and outdoor power equipment products were designed to run on fuel containing less than 10% ethanol. With some fuels containing up to 15% ethanol, here are some things you can do to ensure you select the right fuel to get the best out of your mower:me...

How do I keep my lawn mower blades sharp?

The secret to a great lawn cut is the sharpness and balance of your lawn mower blade. Follow the steps below at least once a year to check whether a blunt blade is affecting your lawn care:

How do I change my lawn mower oil?

Over time, oil loses its ability to coat and protect engine parts the ways it’s meant to. That’s why it’s important to change your oil regularly – after every 25 hours of operation, or after 5 hours for brand new mowers. Here are the basics of how to change your oil:

How do I replace or maintain my lawn mower air filter?

Protect your mower against dirt and debris by checking your air filter. You should inspect your filter two or three times per season and replace it at least once per year. Follow the steps below to ensure you don’t cause any damage to your mower:

How do I change my lawn mower spark plug?

Are you having trouble stating your lawn mower? The problem might be your spark plug. This little plug produces the power that starts your mower. When it gets old or fails for some reason, your engine can be difficult to start. Before you make any attempt to change it, make sure you check the safety section in your operators manual. Then follow these steps:

What the best mowing technique for my lawn?

How do you get a beautiful lawn besides water, cutting and fertilizing? Here are some mowing tips to help you get a great looking lawn. Before you take on any maintenance tasks, make sure you check the safety information in your operators manual.